This just happened, I swear, only me…

My sleep is off, again great.  There is a thunderstorm,

pouring rain out there. All of a sudden I hear odd tapping, an odd tapping I can’t quite place but heard before.  my dogs weren’t moving, what the heck?  Okay sound, lead me to you….

Flip the chandelier on in the back living room and rain is dripping from the light right here on Zach’s old drum set, perfectly hitting the snare.  Yes sure did hear that tapping before!  Now I have a mess but no real harm done really at least I figured out who was playing the bongos here and it wasn’t my imagination or the ghosts!   I bid my landlord happy  Saturday finding a roofer!

Yea I know, only me  could have it happen like that…a concert with a rainstorm, I should learn Bob-a-loo by Ricky Ricardo!  Gnite!


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