15 78  97 98 1 HIKE! 

This was actually written some time ago, but still applies, imagine that…..

It truly is funny how news travels, a newscast that isn’t news at all. I find it amusing the cowardice that actually exists when names are thrown into the mix.  So my name is Patty,  actually Patrica but that’s too formal. Now, here we will only explore that first name.  For one reason only, because my last name is its own gigantic story of a gigantic 12 letter name that scares folk when they see it.And that wonderful last name, well it’s a nickname in itself.   However, thats that so on to the news.

We are a family of nicknames and I, just like you, only heard my formal name when my mommy was irritated with me, you know your mommy did it too  so just nod at that one.  So  I can throw these nicknames out there:  PattyP, Boo, Pitt, Pattycskes,  Farfignuygen, Nuygen, Newt, Pitts, little Pitts, SweetPea, MissP,  little girl, “my middle child”  (which can also be explored at a later time along with “my hippie child”), Clyde, Patters, PitterPatter, Sugar pie, baby doll, or just “P” and  sometimes referred to as a wanderlust, a gypsy soul, the girl with a spirit to be tamed by no one (an x says), the one who trusts too much (my sister says), the one who has to learn many lessons the hard way ( so my daddy says) , the one who listens fabulously (a friend says) little miss dangerous (maybe don’t ask who said that) “the girl with rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes…” And every now and again, “brown eyed girl” (who rarely remembers singing in the rain with you in college) it has been a helluva long time since I’ve even referred aloud to “Ruby Tursday”  or  “don’t get caught up on me” because I have indeed found myself and found all the important things in my so called life that make me happy  and it’s truly too bad so many have not

This is accounts of my world, my life, not anyone else’s, life as I know it, my life which is the Most Perfect Choas to me.  I really didn’t think that was so unclear, since it’s actually ME writing this, but I believe there are a few slow learners out there.  So you now know my name, does that diminish the facts, the tales, the shenanigans of, the best of, the worst of, just being me?  Just because it’s not you, it’s unimportant?  As the news flushes way down the pipes, I believe that is exactly what some think and perhaps since I’m the only one talking out loud, in public no less. (oh shit..  ) I can see exactly how the life and times of me DONT involve you in any way, so sorry bout that, maybe I am sorry …well, actually, maybe not, yes that applies much better.   So, I say, go on sneaking around looking like an asshat with all that assholery behavior talking a whole lot of untruths just to hear yourself talk….speaking loudly where about three whole people toot your whistle about the wrongs life has dealt you, how horrid the people of the world have been only to you and somehow at least half that is all my fault??  yada yada yada…..the news I shall continue to flush it kinda laughing at it every so often….. So exciting hearing the next newsflash about me spoken by those who know me not, waiting on pins and needles mommasita. Yeehaw

 MJ Man in the Mirror
Howza bout taking a nice hard look in the mirror figure out what exactly you actually do to have all of these negative things only happen to you, what the heck do you want from your own life instead of dreaming of being someone else, or constantly comparing your life to others and calling theirs wrong as if it even affects you?  The constant pissing and moaning is just so boring, why not try to actually have another discussion, something fresh and clean, a new outlook that could just open your eyes to a bright and shiny happy world that is out there to explore?   Of course I say this as I put that new bikini, yes a bikini because I try to keep on my tattooed scrawny ass in some sort of shape to some degree,  all of my 5 foot 2, special order D cup bikini, wearing no shoes, maybe sporting uncombed hair that needs a highlight, a cap, a pair of too big cut offs, and tank, always  throwing a peace sign and a High5 to passers by, I can do this easily and keep it simple because I am good with ME. 

Keep whispering behind closed doors, and Keep on thinking people don’t talk and actually repeat the sadness you have spoken to them, they speak it in a more annoyed than interested way.  I have already done what I am suggesting you do. I can say it works if you actually do it.  I have already looked into that mirror, over 10 years ago now,and decided to  mov on to better and happier things.  It’s too bad you haven’t.  We hear you tell the same old sad news stories that are so quickly and so easily flushed away.
I guess if you gotta watch,  maybe watch closely and learn a thing or two.

Watch closely now, are you watching me now?

The thing is, I seem  to be just doing Jim Dandy over here just looking forward, minding my business,  living a happy life with my family, and we are heading to the beach again….

I will get by…..


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