By invitation only…..

Swimming through Pinterest this morning and I scroll by this…at first I thought, what a great idea.  Then thr reality of it kicked in… What if you got this invitation from that one lady you know who loves seafoam pinks, blues or God forbid green painted all through their house?  You know people like some ugly shit, you can’t deny it.

I had a neighbor once who decided to sponge paint a wall in her living room. Instead of using a sea sponge she used her kitchen sponge, no blending of colors, just a giant wall that had UK Royal Blue squares everywhere, it gave us neighbors  headaches looking at it 

So about this Pinterest Party…

What do you do when you go to one of these and they are making a hot pink flamingo out of milk jugs, cotton balls and leaves?  Out of pumpkins?   Or come make this years Halloween costume…. ?   It could get worse than that, if that’s even possible… The chandelier?      That would be my luck…      Well, since I raised the idea up about hot pink flamingos, then there came a Google & Pinterest search…these things I simply made up like a sassy McGyver in chick form, welp, people have actually made some of this shit I made up…oh my good grief!

I then clicked a link…I have no words for it …   Trust me when I say, you don’t need a hot pink flamingo anything really.

CLICK HERE for video


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