Besides the fact….

Besides the fact  my dad is in the hospital and extremely ill,

Besides the fact I am having an incredibly hard week,

Besides the fact you never bothered to contact me since last February when I started trying to contact you,

 Besides  the fact you didn’t bother to contact me since last May despite telling me and the principal you would via email

Besides the cowardly and child like notion that you sent messages through other students to my son and myself,

Besides the fact I witnessed you treat another principals son like complete shit           and turned it on me for giving a kid the $1.27 he was short for his dinner and how  stupidly surprised when you treated me and  my son that way too,

Besides the fact you act the  same as old comb-over Donald Trump, overflowing with arrogance and constantly reminding the general population that they just love you, tootin your own whistle way too much,

Besides the fact you stole the wind from my sons wings and pretty  much just hacked those wings off with your mouth,

Besides the fact you break your own made up rules but demand everyone else to follow,

Besides the fact you take credit for what everyone else does and won’t take blame but would rather blame everyone else for your own shortcomings and mistakes,

Besides the fact that you promote hazing as proper behavior for yourself and students in 10-12 grade  towards the young 8th and 9 th grade students, the secrecy of it all is disturbing

Where I come from, actually where most people come from, especially those who become  instructors, professors, and teachers,  don’t treat kids in this way, they don’t treat adults in this manner too awful long,

These things can catch up with you and I’m not even referring to the bad karma that’s going to  bite you in the ass dude, one day soon parents will become fed up with all of this boo-hockey and I’m thinking that won’t take too awful long here asking      my daughter any questions about my  son made her very uncomfortable. The questions you actually asked her, well, to be honest,  I tried doing that in FEBRUARY asshat.


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