As I sit in the hospital, mortality becomes pretty fricken fracken up close and personal to me, like it hits you smack dab in the face kind of personal. Whatever comes my way, the one thing I know beyond all other things is that i  can count on my family through thick and thin, the unconditional love we share,  we’ve had the tough talks along with the hilarious ones, we know where each of us stands together and with each othe no regrets, hard feelings and no anger with each other.

The only real message I can even convey right now is this:   

Make peace with people in your life instead of putting it off for one reason and only one reason,

We do not know how long our life  times  left or how long anyone else’s has left, make peace because you will live to regret your waiting because  one day, tomorrow or next week or next month they may not be in this world any longer and living with that regret will not be easy. Regret could become your best friend and will only cause pain in the future

The hospital again, it is what it is, I’m heartbroken beyond words….   I have had an outpouring of love, prayers and strength from each and every one of my friends, my parents and my siblings  friends since childhood , colleagues  of my family, now all the politicians from home are even sending my family messages through me.  It’s beyond overwhelming, these messages are coming by texts, through facebook and PM, Twitter, Instagram , through WordPress and through email, phonecalls, I can’t read them all and I can’t bear answering my telephone that won’t stop ringing and beeping at the moment.  This is all I had left last night:

I really need to thank each and every one of you for prayers, well wishes and respect to me & my family, you have no idea what it means to us all.

I couldn’t bring myself to actually read them all tonight and I apologize for that and I will read each and every one, I am overwhelmed at the out pour all over our facebook walls, private messages and text messages in the past 24 hours, the unanswered phone calls,  my cup truly runnith over, and helped my heart rest a tad easier tonight, and of course you know me, I needed to end this awful day with just a tiny laugh to lighten the load …

My dad is resting well and more stable when my mom called to check a little bit ago, tomorrow we will have a few more answers here to give. Thank you again for the prayer attack it most certainly helps us to keep the faith here, I sure feel blessed to have all you crazy folk and not as crazy folk as a part of our world

Make peace so that you aren’t just left alone when your loved ones are suddenly gone


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