It’s pandemonium or catamonium! 

 So my cat has gone mad, I think she was always off a lil bit but has completely lost her mind.

When we first moved  in our  house, my son knew the girl who lived here  with her mom  and she needed someone to take her cat because she couldn’t take her to the condo they were renting.  Versus this 11 year old kitty being lost in the shelter here, and not too soon after this girl became my sons girlfriend,  I said we’d take care of her kitty Angel..

Now I have and have raised  some strange animals, my dogs and our other cat work together to get into my cubbards to eat anything they can get their mouths on.  Also, we have a refugee kitty who I found one wintry evening in Michigan and very afraid she would freeze overnight  it was so cold out, so she became my refugee named Marley whom has not assimilated to this family one bit and our pets, and only really likes me.  I guess that makes sense  because I saved her

Featured imageNow Angel….I just do not know how to explain this,… She resembles Grumpy Cat      only black and white, maybe her attitude matches grumpy cat a little as well.   She doesn’t meow, she kinda squeaks.   She is pretty chubby and appears to be kinda slow moving most days, or used to.  Angel has a very serious aversion to touching the ground. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong,  she doesn’t like touching the ground..  That doesn’t mean outside either.  The ground refers to the carpet, the tile, any ground including the ground outside.

Just imagine this, when you feed your dog or cat, you fill the bowl and put the bowl on the ground.  Indoor cats use litter boxes, where does one place these litter boxes?  On the ground.

Do you see the problem?  She kinda needs to eat and we can assume that means she will need to poop eventually…. To have a cat that won’t walk on the floor this creates a the strangest problem ever.  

When placed on the floor, well the cat turns into Broom Hilda’s cat all weirded out,  and bouncing to get to higher ground   I truly have never heard such a thing before.  I think even the “cat whisperer” could find this one weird. I may just be the luckiest pet owner ever,



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