My happy place

My happy place was rained out today, it was the first day of school for Thing #1 & Thing #2, we see all on the verge of crabby because we are all tired.  Everyone is a lot more quiet than usual

I saw the news story on Jimmy Carter,  It matters not if you liked or disliked Jimmy Carter, today his press conference truly showed he is a true statesman and a good man who kept his composure today and is quite satisfied with the life he has had thus far. I truly pray for him and his family that there are still many good days full of lots of love.

And that was enough to just get me…again damn it!


i miss my dad
looking to the stars tonight, to simply say i love you
So I went to make myself smile and laugh, this did it, our silliness has a purpose.                Click & see!

fancy seeing you here





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