Yeah, So?

and there it is, truth, live by it and it isn’t so hard to actually BE happy. I have given this advice so much in my life, and when I took it for myself back in 2007, it’s like “HELLO??? Mc fly???”
So play like Mikey’s does, Just do It!

The Snarky Blonde

I see so many people day after day, complain about what they don’t have, point out the downfalls, pitfalls and set backs in their lives, relationships, jobs. Well life is hard. I say this ALL the time, but anything worth having is worth the ride, Right…?? You will makes so many mistakes, make more. It means your living. Love will happen, really it will. Now I know some of you are saying. Yeah Yeah Lisa, but really your focusing on being alone, NOT in love, NOT having that special someone, well love yourself….so what if you don’t have that special someone, if your lonely, hangout with a friend, go on a friend date, lonely is a choice, really it is…..~!! Focus on you, making new friends, join a club, do something random and new. Hangout at your favorite coffee shop. Avoid dating sites, really avoid them…I know they sound GREAT…

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One thought on “Yeah, So?

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