Momma knows best! but Daddy does too, sometimes

Hey Momma, let me paint your nails

-huh? I don’t care, I am tired of blue

Not your toes, your fingernails, red?

-oh, no not red, lighter not bringht

Well Ill choose then

-Not black

MOOOMMMMAAA!!  Why not? one black one?   I will choose then, You don’t look eat your salad

 To my self I say in a giggle, I will do just that, eat my salad and NOT look, good Lord, here we go however it turns out it turns out…

Well, I was able to kind of eat my salad for dinner in stages while I was being upgraded here, I was able to mess with this family tree i am

working on, I tried not to look because of the colors out of the 100 nail polishes she has, a mere 5 or six were on the table- red white and blue and blackI realized I had lost my voice in this so let it be….   and listened to directions given “mom,

Thumb, other hand

Let me take a bite first I was actually eating  (which by the way is hard with the wrong hand)

Red, okay, usually on my toes but it’s all good at least I can eat my salad now because the right hand is done.  Hardy I at as a lefty.   There is beauty in what was going on, not beauty in the sense this helps my swuatty little fingers look better, it’s not that at all, I live in reality the hands are what they are: more like my dads not like my moms long fingers and beautiful nails.  Although I’m glad my feet look like hers because I’m told my feet are pretty, hey it’s something. Ha!  Never thought about it until someone showed me someone else’s ugly feet. Now I can walk taller in my flip flops

The beauty is, she never stopped talking.  These moments are still extremely important for my Thing #2.  Not just because I now know that x boyfriend is bugging the shit out of her, but I can also see what’s in her head by the way she talks, what she talks about, what she considered serious and what she considers bullshit.  I’m not saying this to brag, this child is smart so is her brother.  Although I’d like to take full credit for all this, I can’t.  My x-hole may have been an addict trapped in alcohol, drugs, women and gambling but he was a smart man.  That’s a big compliment in my book, sad it’s the only one I can offer about that dude.  Being an addict doesn’t make you dumb,  addiction does not go hand in hand with knowledge and ability to process, remember and recall.  Completely two different aspects of the brain.

get ready mommy. imma walking tomorrowow

Anyhow, back from the detour, she is a smart lite lady.  Walked teo weeks after that six month photo session at the photographer, decided to run the day after, at one could climb a fence in the princess plastic shoes, she’s daring too.  While on vacation for my sisters wedding in a posh hotel in South Beach Miami ( this child spoke full sentences at age one) she refused the swim diaper…a mothers worst nightmare at a posh hotel where very few children were staying in the first place and I have not just one but two under the age four so yes the guests just looked..great.       I could only imagine the scene from  

 “Caddy Shack”   oh you know which one too I bet but just in case, click it

Caddy Shack pool nightmare

Arguing with a 14 month old is not fun in the first place, now imagine my child nicknamed “lil miss sassafras” who can hold a conversation almost like a debate at this young age.  I couldn’t get the scene out of my head.  The pool, could I pretend it was a candy bar in the eventpf my toddlers accident??  Uh hell no.  I held to my guns because my sisters wedding was at the hotel.  Imagine the brides fears here and she is my older sister and both my children were in her wedding:  I stuck to my guns!!
At some point she up and decided she’d heard enough and marched to the bathroom and says as she just stomps her foot “I’ll use the big potty!!”  End of discussion!  Oh lord, I wish I had this iPhone 6 then because my God she potty trained herself all in one moment out of frustration and desire to cannonball in that pool, I was already teaching her to swim.  My son was four and  learned pretty quickly to swim about age 2, she was determined to swim.  Her brother did it so she was gonna to so move out of the way, let’s get this shit done I want to swim

POOF!  My 14 month old was poorly trained and that was that.  Never mentioned a damn swim diaper again.  I do have a few photos of her in one the day before at the beach when she gave in to her brothers pleads because he wanted to jump in the giant ocean pool they had seen for the first time, she obliged.  The next day was a different story! 


She’s smart as a whip and ready to superceed what is in from of her.  That personality and self image of courage, strength, determination, along side the kids beauty and loving nature is the whole package, it can never be confined to a  box wrapped with a bow, I wouldn’t even try.  My mom didn’t and it damn well faired me well, I will not stifle this kid, didn’t then and I don’t now.

Whether she sees it or not, these moments of beauty where I hear her talk about her, the important things, the little things, sad, happy, the struggles,  the triumphs… ALL of this shows me the awkward times of 8th grade, being a year younger than all of her friends and peers, thus young lady will be okay

These moments of beauty where I hear her talk about her, the important things, the little things, sad, happy, the struggles,  the triumphs… ALL of this shows me the awkward times of 8th grade, being a year younger than all of her friends and peers, thus young lady will be okay. She’s just 12, will be 13 on September 14, her friends are turning 14.She’s just 12, will be 13 on September 14, her friends are turning 14.

She and her brother, are both a year younger than everyone in their grade.  Not that they are Einsteins, they hold their own, they started preschool at 2 because they were ready, moving here from up north where they qualified for early 5 programs but didn’t need them ecosystem of their higher aptitude, here it’s different and kids start school later, mine started early leaving them younger.


So it is Troy and my job to have these talks but that’s not only why I do it.  And yes, he has them with her also.  Being a Mom or Dad, quite frankly, is a hard ass job, constantly changing: Creating “The most perfect chaos, where you are reading about my chaos. Any mother who acts like its shits & giggles 24/7 is lying.  I’m a fantastic mom because I have been raised by some damn fine parents but there are days I am an udder wreck still, mine are 12 and 15 going on 25 in their heads.  That craziness and worry, constantly changing hats being the butcher, baker, candlestick maker, plumber, doctor, debater, the dry cleaner, chef and the maid and just do  much more on any given day, that which you recognize as utter chaos but keep moving forward, that’s part of it, showing them you can actually achieve it some sort of triumph in your pajamas some days is important. Only burning the bread every now and then, all of it shows your children how to do it themselves as they grow up. Help them cope with their own shit.   Getting into her head like this to actually understand her, well that’s my agenda.  She is like me, but she is not me, she’s a much much more better version of me, I’m not too bad but she is just phenomenal in my eyes and she needs to see and feel that..  I cannot imagine the little versions of her she will create, it will be quite amazing to see

Now I don’t know what went wrong here but that’s how I was left!  Lol.

And I don’t have a weird ass growth on my hand, it’s blurred because of snoopy ass people who need hotmeasure either of my engagement rings nor my wedding ring.  You don’t get to snoop too much, only as far as I let you, it is what it is>>>


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