Ancient Chineese Secret? 

Whilst walking through the local Dollar Tree tormenting each other, Thing #2 says:

“OMG Mooommmm!  We need these!’  Then Troy and Thing#1 won’t mess up the toothpaste anymore!!”



Three handy dandy gadgets will solve the tooth paste issue forever for a buck?  Well damn snatch those puppies up, maybe we should get like five of them totaling 15, to make sure we are set. 
It was a scene from The Lucy Show. The first whatever they call that thing, squeeze clips, we went to put on the toothpaste….the o-ring  (a teeny tiny rubber band like thing that keeps it attached)  Well, that little bugger flew off in slow motion smack down into the cats litter box…. ..  My damn cousin Murphy with his laws stopped by unannounced for shits and giggles dragging Pete along for the sake of my sanity?  

It is a stupid gadgets that was really just funny  but still, I have this glorious knack.

Best part is, I took another one and put it on the toothpaste, which you can clearly see in the photo that not a one of us, using 4 bathrooms, actually even tried to use it, still squeezing the toothpaste in the middle or the top, the squeeze clip didn’t move!! 

Gonna get a pump toothpaste next time and see what happens!  



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