all the Kings horses 


Well apparently the ole Humpty Dumpty didn’t know he should of waited unit the equinox where he could of balanced perfectly and maybe he wouldn’t of fallen.

Or maybe Humpty Dumpty was actually the man shooting the cannon   who was helping win the battle in Colchester when the cannon fell and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men… The big canon fell down, go  boom equates losing the battle.  Hold that thought…

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Or wait, maybe it was about King Richard III’s men who did abandon him (falling off the wall) or falling off a horse perhaps, either way his goose got cooked because no more Richard.

Many know I’m originally from a small suburb of Detroit.  Not from actual Detroit, a small working class town between Detroit and Ann Arbor but still considered a Detroiter or Metro-Detroit, that’s the explanation that most Metro-Detroiters use, deal.

Detroit Rock City during the 70’s when people my age were  influenced by true rock music.  As much as it can erk folks, including Troy,  this is the music of my people and so many I know (prolly you too) heard this and were maybe influenced by our older siblings of parents perhaps playing this song .  It wasn’t Neil Diamond (but frequenters of the Post Bar could prove otherwise when Sweet Caroline was played) The reference many will understand who read this, this group of Metro-Detroiters that I belong will

Anyhow, perhaps the line from Beautiful Loser from local hero and rock star Bob Segar, could apply to good old greedy Humpty Dumpty too, after all folks,  it was a riddle before it was a nursery rhyme.

Beautiful loser, read it on the wall. And realize, you just can’t have it all.

Beautiful loser, never take it all. ’cause it’s easier,  faster when you fall, You just don’t need it all. 

Okay, maybe or maybe not.  I was the one who my lit prof at MSU pointed out too often but lead me to read more so go figure.

“Since your thoughts are not within the mainstream, not wrong, just not mainstream, enlighten us Patty”.

((Cracking my fingers))  I will give this a whirl.

So in the lot of all I said, greed is an ugly thing, it’s not about beauty or walking through life a loser, the more you take, the more you afford yourself to actually be yours out of spite, jealousy or greed, the grand feeling of deserving of it all, despite being that being a friend or that a family member, or even a stranger: that person can appear kind and sweet, will say please and maybe even seem thankful at times, even genuine  but is sly as a fox because seeing what is around him, welp, he feels he deserves it, may even take it, steal it, do whatever he needs to have it.

However, in the end while he’s not looking, he’s abandoned like Richard III, then the wolves circle and come in for the kill.  See you later alligator! No one is there to help pick you up from the bootstrap, they aren’t willing to stick their hand out any longer, you will  fall fast and hard to be devoured by the wolves.  All you had to catch you, those important “things” well, sorry dude they  mean nothing in the end because that  “stuff” that is extraneous bullshit, will not save you, it doesn’t ever, it can’t.  One cannot simply change their hair or change their diets or even their shoes, the sly fox is still right there and eventually seen while hiding.  The wolves are always close.  The kindness of people is the only thing that can possibly fix the broken pieces, but alas, no one is there, maybe another fox in sheep clothing who is now assessing  what use they have for you and being desperate, you simply don’t see it.

Sad huh?  Well don’t do that then


Quite a few conversations have struck me lately, I saw a version of this by happenstance soon after, fact of the matter, if you have enemies, frankly it’s on you. If some person points out in some sort of coherent way exactly how you’re behavior was absolutely despicable and justified being called out on it, yet you choose to ignore it, move about your merry business and continue your behavior with no justification, consuming yourself with rage and vindictive thoughts of how much they have wronged you for the last time and “you’ll show them.” This is where you create enemies in your head. The reality here is, they find no use for the need to interact with you because of the disregard of your actions upon them, unless they are a gluten for punishment, they do not just for wait around with their hands in their pockets shuffling their feet until you attack again. Again, unless they enjoy punishment, they most likely won’t wait around any longer for you to decide to think they are worthy of your friendship or love when/if they decide to not be angry you that you should be, or will be waiting with bells on.

Well, the next chap that points out your shoe is untied maybe should be warned, God forbid they makers decision with disregard of that chaos feelings, that poor chap may not fair well and become your spoken enemy when they just walk away from that chaos, while people just look around like WTF?

How can they just do that which they want to whomever they want time and again?

You create enemies in your head, the definition by which is one way, the other parties decided that’s not worth the headache any longer, fly be free, knocking on that door again, I’ll just laugh and make googily faces through the window this time around….

the scope of things, do what right for you, I’d just be a thoughtful and more in-depth thinker maybe, NOT PARANOID be any means just aware, making sure who the fox is, where wolves are, and perhaps look closer at the helping hand reaching out because well too many can hide their ulterior motives quite well.  When you hear **poof** it’s over and trust me, Shakespeare wrote a better tragedy.

Humpty Dumpty:





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