Ever notice how much people whine and complain?   If someone truly has a beef with another person, why whine about It? Whining behind innuendos and inferences, how does that help?  It doesn’t, people kind get sick of that dish real quick.  Why not be productive, hit the nail right on the damn head an speak your mind? One can get their point across without yelling, shouting and stomping your feet, crying behind closed doors ain’t gonna cut it in your mind,  it may feel better after but crying does not give closure, words do.  Even angry words are productive in getting your feelings across, of course, one would need to prepare for a “kiss my ass” if profanity gets out of control, but hey, it’s better than keeping the bullshit bottled up.  The one thing some particular types of people forget, is what they actually said when they were actually half in the bag or fully loaded on the floor, an inebriated person rarely remembers most of what they said to others so when that person decides to get a load off their chest, be prepared, you may hear another “kiss my ass” and not know exactly why.  Whether a child or an adult, the person who received those hateful inebriated words, the hard thing is they remember what you do not.

Shit or get off the pot, why don’t ya!  If the choice is not, than the audience during the next bitchfesr, whining, pissing and  moaning outing, the audience will be empty

Maybe bring along the assault plunged in the event….  


One thought on “Swirly Time

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