Had me a very strange déjà Vu as I saw this picture, seems I’ve been here before and with the same people…  

So now everything is on lockdown, now that everyone has copies of everything that’s occurred. Over here it was 105 posts, losing 2 potential published stories and a paid topic I wasn’t able to complete, because I called this woman ( I don’t know) but called her out about telling the whole wide world that she went thru my luggage and was talking about my undetwear to the entire world, why would I overreact, it is only my underwear? My x husband and his wife don’t talk about my underwear,  neither do  my x boyfriends and their wives, and x boyfriends and their wives don’t either, only my current boyfriends x wife talks about that topic and I’m suppose to enjoy that I guess because people always show compassion for the loss of a parent and empathy for a hurricane landing on your head and flooding everything and everyone one around you, they always show they care by telling the world about personal items they ravaged through of yours….gee thanks so much, I’ll have to remember that one just so others know I care so very much…..  

now we wait….


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