LIGHTBULB! One “fabulous idea!!”  


So, having issues with our pig like dogs constantly eating Harry Doodle and Kips food in our breezeway.  Troy took the gate to make them a spot by the door to the garage.  The rug had just been washed so I hung it on top to dry, or maybe trying to camouflage what is actually there.

Both Harry Doodle and Kip like  this set-up.  They no longer feared  for their life so much when they were hungry since the nose wasn’t hovering & peering at them  

 It’s actually kinda crazy because I hadn’t lost Harry Doodle in a few days, he hadn’t been found in a cubbard, or found screaming from a cubbard I a week, this seems like the best idea EVER!  

  We kinda started to feel hopeful that we wouldn’t find the either of our dogs heads inside the cat food bag which happened at least twice a week on average because they chewed off the lid to the plastic garbage can that we stored it in.  All seemed to be working well, a new feeling because we all know my luck. When it goes awry, it does top notch  awry with me…

Just as we are feeling confident we had things under control…..

I came home from shopping late, the breezeway was dark, the whole house was dark actually and so is this neighbourhood.  It’s pretty much like living in the sticks which is weird because we don’t live in the sticks,  we just live too close to the beach to have bright lights because turtles get confused where the moon is.  Well, okay then, that makes sense but this whole area is lacking street lights.  We conserve energy pretty well I guess compared to Myrtle Beach but still feels like the sticks some days.

Any way, entering the house and reaching for the light switch, imagine this:  Can’t see crap, fiddling for the light switch, and hear a strange noise, shuffling or something right under my hand as I am reaching for the light, more noises.  Been watching horror movies the whole moth ofOctober  because my family are horror nuts.  So of course my imagination sees Jeepers Creeper, Jason, Michael Myers, maybe Freddy, or something from Saw grabbing my hand and saying to eat my veggies like cooked cabbage or Brussels sprouts or the hand, maybe the whole arm will be eaten off by the gator or snapping turtle from our pond because I fed them somehow like Betty White did in Lake Placid or  Troy using his squirt bottle to train our dogs and cats but he squirt the wrong  animal,  

  Kip was going to pop and Gremlins will now eat my hand because they’ve been starved because of that gate and our “bright idea”.  Either way, I determined I was a goner in less than 15 seconds.   Sorry Kippity-Do-dah, I fear you are a goner too!  Then I felt the lightswitch…  I flip the switch and see this….

No damn alligator here …

Nor the boogeyman ….

Nor a gremlin…

 Damn dog!!    Don’t EVEN try and look all cute! 

Or hide!!   BUSTED!!   
We are now back to the “hovering” and “hiding” because gigantor horse dog Anakin was so wedged in their so oddly that when Padme and I realised what was happening, she wasn’t going to be left out, oh hell no she wanted to feed on car food as much as he did.  As she went over and in he went over and out!  The baby gate just didn’t survive. 


   Back to the drawing board… 



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