I heard this watching a biography special Brit Hume did on President George HW Bush.  The biographer asked president Bush to read aloud  a letter that Bush wrote to his mother after The death of his daughter where he became so emotional  he had to stop, his heart was so heavy.  Someone asked the biographer why he asked him to read the letter aloud  because the letter was just so sad and upset him so much,

“To know a persons heart….”  the biographer said with a pause where he glanced back as President Bush spoke and said , “First you must know what breaks it”

So I write it down and slap it on a beautiful PI sunset.  But really,  all that is happening at this moment to my family, unfortunately  I have found more understanding in the word heartbreak the past few days.  Life on life’s terms smacked me, Troy, my momma and my Thing #1 and #2 here in the face very hard.  None of us had quite made it back from the last crash, together we shall take it head on, guide each other and make it out with a tad more understanding, compassion and love bringing us all closer together as we tackle that big ass mountain in front of us.  There will be times we must be led by another and times we must lead everyone.  Today was my momma and my daughter leading the way as Troy held me up. Saying a little prayer Sunday will bring calm into all of us.

What I know is this: some days it takes just one, other days it takes the whole damn village.  We must not forget how strong our damn village is in times such as these, gain strength individually from  one another which will make the village as a whole unbreakable


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