Big award day for our middle schoolers first nine weeks. Pretty amazing that 58% of the student population in  7th and 8th grades made the honor roll.  That is propels this school into one of the best in the state!  Congratulations little buggers!  

As Troy and I sat listening to the names being called, my  peripheralb vision caught  movement as if I was going to get smacked in the head.  Startled,  I looked to my right to first see a man’s face with his eyes open so wide as if he was terrified of something waving his hands around.  As I was trying not to stare at the crazy looking dude, I see 4 women sitting by him all mouthing something and waving their hands also the same direction as the terrified man.  As I turn to my left I see a young girl in the percussion section about two seats down from my daughter and the girl was also waving her hands and mouthing something as well.  The silence was not helping matters as they started mouthing the words so slowly, I was right next to them and I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to tell this girl who was looking more frantic as the hands of them all were getting frantic.  The man hit the man in front of him.  The people all around them were all looking now.  The one lady next to me says to me, her legs aren’t crossed.  

Ahhh, I see says the blind man.  A tell Troy to scoot a big and I cross my legs and point to my knees.  VOILA!  Crises averted!   Teach your young ladies to cross their legs when wearing dresses or skirts both long and short! 

Then I looked to my daughter, and smiled because her legs were crossed.  


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