Oh my good grief, I don’t know if I like what’s going on here, I am in a very precarious position:

I was raised a BAMA fan because my parents love to ROLL TIDE, and I’m the black sheep of my family choosing MSU for college in the midst of my family that screams “Go Blue! And Hail to the Victors” and went to school there

But now I live in South Carolina and my kids both want to scream “Go Tigers” and it’s not the Detroit ones, it’s the CLEMSON ones, 

So, I got my 23 rabbits feet that bring me such luck that I now have a lunatic stalker named MURPHY and he’s got these bizarro & weirdo LAWS that created this phenomena that follows me everywhere I go, for the SAKE of Murphy’s cousin PETE…i may have met my Waterloo! Oklahoma may win it all! 



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