Surprise Santa!


There is good, just wow, grateful and blessed doesn’t cover it

I’m walking through the grocery and I saw all of the baking stuff and there were the bags of chestnuts, pecans, and Brazil nuts we always got my dad, 

I just kind of stopped and stared for a second maybe 5 minutes I don’t know,

I kinda walked aimlessly after that moment looking for mandarin oranges to make fruit salad that my dad always made…

This trip to the grocery was turning out just awful …

After stuffing the small buggy with way to much stuff I went to check out and this old couple were in line in front of me and sad I had a sad look she saw me through the store shopping but I still said Merry Christmas cheerful to the workers I kinda of recognize bc I shop there a lot.

I explained this being the first Christmas without my dad and I think I am going to cook all day for two days, nonstop and eat and maybe try not to think about that and feel sad once I don’t see chestnuts in a bag or maybe not make the fruit salad. I just kinda giggled at myself while the bagger says, “how’d you get all this in that little buggy ma’am?”  

“I’m an excellent packer is why! I should own a moving company!” 

I wasn’t paying attention while I was joking about and went to pay and the cashier says “Here’s your change and receipt”.

I hadn’t paid, didn’t know the total, 

So I said just that….

Seems the nicest couple in the world paid for all my stuff was amazed also of my nice packing but wanted me to remember the good things about giving to others

I was even given the change which I have to the cashier & bagger to buy lunch today because it’s Christmas Eve.

I left the store without some of the bags and the nicest boy came running with it as I was still sitting in my car kinda stunned.

Thank you Mr & Mrs “Santa Claus!”

Thank you Daddio, I feel you had a hand in this reminding me that Christmas is truly about love and giving.  I miss you something awful! 

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