10-4 Mommacita!  Over and out! 


     Some may roll their eyes when I say my family has had an extraordinary difficult year and it’s bound to be pushing past the limit of worse before we see the damn light at the end of the tunnel after Fathers Day, actually after Dads birthday, well crap, after the one year date passes….so essentially we are looking at doggone August to catch even the tiniest break here.  Whatever roll yours eyes twice and feel good about it I guess, I could care less . This is life, on life’s terms that for all intense of purposes, sucks.  

 That isn’t what this is about.  Nope not at all.  

Today is my moms birthday.  She’s enjoying time with my younger brother and older sister 1000 miles away so wanting  see her but she knows I will be coming up with some sort of surprise for her, just as my siblings will, each coming from our own type of personality completely behind it.   

And we can’t give that away, not yet 


Well that simple definition says nothing about my “Mom”. She’s not just  my mother, she’s not just ust a woman, she’s not just a friend, she’s not just what Thing #2 calls “the birther”. 


There are not enough words to actually use to express  the characteristics of my mom, not enough adjectives that truly describe her in her entirety, not enough words to actually  explain the feeling of love, respect, understanding she unconditionally guves and shows…..

  Kindhearted, altruistic, amiable, amicable, considerate, generous, good, good-natured, gracious, helpful, humane, kind, merciful, responsive, soft-hearted, sympathetic, tender, tender-hearted, warm, warm-hearted, admiring, affectionate, amatory, amiable, amorous, anxious, appreciative, ardent, attached, attentive, benevolent, bound up, caring, concerned, considerate, cordial, dear, demonstrative, devoted, doting, earnest, enamored, erotic, expressive, faithful, fervent, fond, friendly, generous, idolatrous, impassioned, infatuated, kind, liking, loyal, passionate, respecting, reverent, reverential, romantic, sentimental, solicitous, tender, thoughtful, valuing, worshipful, zealous, intelligent, acute, adept, agile, alert, apt, astute, bold, brainy, bright, brilliant, brisk, canny, clever, crafty, effective, eggheaded, fresh, genius, good, impertinent, ingenious, keen, knowing, nimble, on the ball, quick, quick-witted, ready, resourceful, sassy, sharp, respected


I could prolly cut and paste every positive characteristic and positive feeling in the dictionary. Pick an adjective,it fits 

A loving momma is a lot more than any of that. A mom is someone who is there for their kids, who loves them no matter what. Who will lay down their life for their child. It’s a selfless sacrifice and a mom isn’t a mom by just giving birth, but a mom can be a mom to any child even if it’s not their child 


 As I think about this all, I wonder if she knows??  Then immediately I say yes, yes she knows all too well about each and every word written there or even every word referred  to about and the reason why she gets it is simply because it’s actually what she thinks about her own momma!   I want her to know that each and every wonderful thing you  think and feels about my granny, I agree 300%, AND I also think all of those exact things about you.  Truly, madly,  deeply!   My children thank you for that because what it does is makes me a better momma!  Thank you if of being you, really, thank you for showing me how to do this! 



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