But you can

Last night my kids got their creative on (by force in a way, I said “here, paint it”) So they did.  

It is telling what they come up with, there goes the psychologist in me…but that is a different story for another day 

Sometimes I wonder where their creativity comes from, and my own as well.  It’s sporadic in me and can strike at any moment, night or day. It cannot tell time and won’t ever at this point in my life. It is what makes me a vampire at times, which isn’t necessarily bad but gets tough for my old ass these days.  Lack of normal sleep prolly isn’t good for the brain and it’s definitely not good for the lovely bags under my eyes. Guess they tell a tale too. Nice 😂  I don’t let myself unleash this creativity very often either.  

“Why would you do that? As the song says “let it go”.  

Time, money, people interfering  by just getting in the way  cuz you ain’t looking at them ( x’s are famous for that)  
My sister has the creativity affliction I have, only stronger and less sporadic, it is constant. Quite amazing the things she sees in the simplest of things, transformation is her specialty!   We always said, “there she goes…” as we sat back and watched.   She doesn’t sleep well either.  

So, every now and then, you come across something you lost or misplaced accidentally. I found this paint brush and started my brain a thinkin. Oh Lordy, now there go… 

Where did this mad, can’t tell time creativity gene come from and I answer my own wonderment and question about creativity. When I needed a brush, Momma & Daddio always had some hanging around from back in the day when they painted, or my Granny did too. We all gots the affliction! Teehee!

Last night when the kids were done,   I turned to Troy and said, “now it’s your turn”. He answered saying “I can’t do that”. 

But you can. I am looking  at it at this exact moment.

 I am looking around my  living room, I see many things my dad created from wood.  A cabinet, a bench, a chest even a frame.  Things I have created are before my eyes, my kids, my momma and my sister’s creations as well.  Yes, even  Troy’s too.  

I can’t do that stuff

 But you can

So you should

All that, because I found the paint brush my dad gave me!  Hmm….this wall looks like it should be a chalkboard with words all over it saying things such as:





All that from finding a paintbrush …



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