Pretty, pretty  please!!! 


even my younger brother knew to say “hand”

I actually had the mortal shit scared out of me today, I have no other words to even explain how scared I was!
Weird shit happens to me & if today is any indication that is not going to change so I am going to have to figure out how to embrace this shit

A mothers worst nightmare! 

We were simply taking Thing 1, Thing 2 & her friend  to see a flick.  As we were walking in a little child walked right out the door of the movie theater between Thing 2  her friend and I. We were standing waiting for parents to walk out the door…. waiting…no parents as the little toddler gets closer to the parking lot…an old woman pushing a walker yelled as I found myself running to scoop this child up as he hit the pavement of the parking lot directly in front of a car that was moving…Good God it scared me to death!!

I did scoop him up and now I’m holding a wiggly kid but not a hurt one thank god.  Now, what do I do??  As I get the manager and start searching for this little babies parents.  All thru the movie theater,  bowling alley and game room: “show me mommy and daddy honey”  I must of said that 100 times,  no parents. Try to hand the kid off to the two managers of the movie theater, he would have none of it and started to cry.  “Alright little buddy, show me where mommy is” I started again.

The managers called mall Security.  Einstein there thought I was reporting my child found and asked if he had ID when he finally figured out what I was saying.   ID!????  The kid is one maybe 2 if we are lucky here, Sherlock, or hadn’t  you noticed??  I knew not to give the kid to that fool but told that dip to call the police, I found a child I did not lose one!!  As the shift supervisors & managers of the theater walked with me and this little boy, he finally went to them and they took him around all the movie theaters again while waiting for the police. They took some info from me in the event  the police needed me for some reason and after the movie I asked if they found his parents, the guy on duty had absolutely no clue what I was talking about.  No one did.  I am saying a prayer the police found them there wasn’t much else I could do about it but I can say I at least found him and stopped him from getting run over and hurt.  What scared me more than Paul Blart Mall Cop was the fact I had that kid in my arms for a half hour maybe, I saw no frantic mommy, daddy no nana, papa, no auntie or uncle, no one frantically screaming they lost a little boy.

Keep your children in the stroller, the buggy or grocery cart, please please pretty please do not let these babies who are just barely walking and not talking yet, out of your sight.  This  little fella couldn’t  tell anyone anything helpful at all.   He’s not meant to yet, he was just a toddler!!  Where the hell was the adult who should of been watching this baby…no one knew.  That’s some scary shit!








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