Speaking to a man …


Bear with me, hear me out once here. I had this conversation with a man.  Men won’t ever get this.

You aren’t a woman so you’ll never know what happens to us. Never. Period.

I have been the “winner winner chicken dinner” of comments because of my own body since I was about 13  since I wear now, and wore them a size D cup, no choice in the matter. None. God gave it to me, that which others pay for.

Your girls are little aren’t they? My father about killed men because of the looks I got. He’d of had a heart attack if he’d heard the comments, the grabs of my ass because it’s not all fat but rather small compared to my chest, the accidental malicious grabs or push up against me in an extra long hug, and so on. The fact remains this shit happens ALL THE TIME. For that, I’d march.

These little girls who probably hadn’t ever been exposed to the words pussy, besides thinking of a pussy cat, literally, well they just got exposed to sexual innuendos at age three or four

The other girl maybe now understands what the word fuck means instead of just a bad word mommy or daddy yells when mad. Does she even know what fascist means??

Although I do not agree with these women introducing these sexual innuendos or vocabulary, kids don’t even have the capability of understanding, I do understand why these women marched. Some women get off on the looks and grabs and even the words, but some women don’t and they shouldn’t have to get used to hearing them like I did.

The lady with her legs open that’s just none sense and not even useful. Two separate things melded together that have no business together
“Those guys that act in the manner you described is unacceptable! They were not raised right in my opinion”
But it is the way of the world, unfortunately. What was kinda sly and kinda hidden, social media is out in your face constantly & made more acceptable in some twisted way. It’s actually opened a door to pictures of men’s dicks as surprises when you open a message, like it’s a pretty Van Gough painting.

Now just take it up a level to the coverage about Trump, video & audio plastered everywhere saying what he said–I’d quote but I forget all he said exactly -grab her pussy is all I need to remember really because what it does is show two things:

1  His character is the same of the men who said ‘You  weren’t raised right”  and now that improperly raised main is the biggest role model for boys, young and old

2. Now we have even reached further than social media with the placing a woman as just a object of sex, object of manhandling, of a means to get your jollys off whenever you say so bc the leader of the free world does it where he pleases, when he pleases.
For my daughter who is now experiencing all of this like I did and do, hell yes I’d march! The reality is neither he (trump) nor many, many men in general get just THIS part of the protest, even after it is over
“I understand that, but where have the protesters been the last eight years? This behavior isn’t new and it unfortunately isn’t going to end any time soon.”

They were probably at home just like Trump was. Eight years ago, two very very different men ran for office. Two very different men who had a very different character than what we see now. Eight years ago social media and media in general had not run entirely amuck like it is now, you’ve got to admit that one.

Women had it this right time
Reality got shoved in our faces loud and clear, and at this level, AGAIN by a president ….(yes I mentioned bole Bill)
Plus,  add in all the other shit he said about women thru the whole campaign so  unapologetically but rather boastful, question becomes why not march if you’ve, in fact, had it all together with this boohockey.

Now, with the times, and all the other shit out there, you get a massive march

But the little girls with posters saying what that says, you just victimized little girls who haven’t a clue yet.  These little girls marching with their moms saying “No more!” is one thing,  versus the signs these girls held

I saw one that said “SO WHAT if I’m a girl” also. That should stay.
“But you’d think after Bill used Monica’s vagina for a humidor women would of been up in arms.”
They were people.  People forget.

AND even if they weren’t up in arms, they knew it was wrong.

Sounds like the pot to the kettle, however, he was already IN office. Opinions about Trump have grown the past year, many in negative ways, there’s a shit ton of it out there. The fact that it seems he really doesn’t care, half ass apologizes and blatantly twists shit, that’s another reason to question his integrity and character of being a president.

I’m sorry, his cumulative character thru the process of a campaign is far worse than any we have seen. Look at his behavior of childish tantrums, you can’t really debunk that one

He’s the whole package of negativity in his character


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