Sam I am…

I am not just s girl, I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, mother,a divorcee, a world class chef in my home, even a maid somedays,  others a plumber if need be..  A 40 something hippie chick who believes she’s 29 and refuses to grow up completely, it’s quite clear laughter keeps me young,, love fills my heart  & my children make me smile, grin from ear to ear daily, right  after I want to pull my hair out, I wear a ring but I am not married (although he keeps asking we just haven’t got that far in a plan) and my family & friends can’t quite decide if I am Thelma,  Louise, Lucy or Ethel because I overwhelmingly have the knack for the absolute oddest happenings around me that anyone has  ever heard, ask around: I’m not kidding..  I love fiercely so don’t cross my path with ill intention, the one thing I am NOT is a good enemy to have, the old “forgive & forget” just doesn’t fly with me  but I am as loyal as they comes as a friend & as a lover. I will arm up quickly and protect more faster & harder than 10 momma bears put together & I refuse to  sugar coat anything, I won’t be rude but I will call a spade a spade.  

Welcome to my world, my land of The Most Perfect Chaos!  A quirky single mother of 2 kids, 2 dogs, 4 kilties living life with the man I love, on a glorious beach where I’ve realized “Life is Good” really is an understatement!

 Somedays my ramblings may make no sense whatsoever, somedays they make too much sense in the most bizarre of ways, either way I have learned to laugh or cry depending, and then laugh some more instead of asking why.

I have decided on a few things as I’ve moved thru this silly thing called life

   There will be days like these, put your trust in yourself, you can get thru this

  Love yourself first and remind those you love daily, quietly or loudly, just make sure to say it & mean it

     Chances are, if it’s food & it’s missing, my dog ate it….

I write for meaning, clarity, for laughter, for love, for understanding what this silly thing called life brings my way….the journey is sometimes one you shake your head in times just bizarre, nonetheless, welcome you..



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