Crazy Little Thing Called Love

It was a complete fluke how I met “Troy” it was one for the books but we can this start backwards I think maybe.

“all of me” by John Legend is in my playlist, cooking dinner I hit play, as the song ended I said aloud to no one really,  “wouldn’t it be great if that happened in real life all the time?” I then hear “but that’s exactly how I feel”, I resoonded to that he didn’t quite hear all of it,  We are both divorced, we both have nightmare x’s yet are very  committed to each other but we just haven’t gotten married.  My kids adore & love him and consider him dad, since their biological father is way less than par on any scale you choose to measure.

There is just something about “Troy” I am getting closer to explaining but I have recognized it maybe from the moment I first spoke with him.  He is like my own daddy. Southern gentleman who wears his heart on his sleeve, is genuine from start to finish, a family man, a smart man, handsome, gentle yet very strong, willing to do more than I ever ask from him, will go out of his way just because he loves me, a protector, a role model for both my daughter and son to look at how a man is suppose to be, what they should be and to not accept less, don’t short sell yourself.  I know he would move heaven & earth for me, and my children.

Someone told me once it was quite odd how he walked into our lives so easily, that he loves my kids as much as he did from the start, how he actually was able to fill the void their father left on us all, that they didn’t understand why he only had one child in his marriage because it sure seems like he loves kids, a question to be answered later perhaps if the time is right.

I said he’d move heaven & earth for me and my kids, I hope when reading this he knows that I would do the same because I do love him dearly, that song applies in both sides here mister! What I exactly  said after  that song because I didn’t repeat it earlier, “well damn that is how I feel too but I still wish it happened the first time around in life, not the second” as yes, I did wave my pasta fork saying I should hit him upside the head for assuming I didn’t agree with him!

Thank you to my little lady for drawing us perfectly! 


Love, respect, allofme, allofyou, sidebyside, happy, protected, family, role model 





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